#CareFreeBlackGirl: Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)

22 Feb


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#CareFreeBlackGirls: Noisettes – Winner

15 Feb


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Oh Hey Guys!

14 Feb

I realize I haven’t been writing here lately, but that’s actually a good thing! See, I bought the domain for NerdyGirlSwag.com and I’ve actually moved my blog over to blogger. I realized though, that I didn’t inform anybody of the change, and also some folks don’t wanna have to leave WordPress in order to read my posts so I’ve set things up so that any new post I make will come here too!

Can’t wait to share more posts with you guys!

Video Game Diary: Titanfall #1: War Games and My Will To Live

12 Jul

So I got Titanfall a few months ago, and have been having fun playing no matter how bad I might actually be at it. While playing with friends on the War Games map I managed to get myself in the same sticky situation twice and survive it. So… yay for me!

The Dude somehow forgot about that pit in the middle and fell in (he made it out too though), and my loyal Titan stayed by the edge to wait for me as another Titan was attacking it. I don’t know why I thought getting in was a good idea.


7 May

So I’m going to WisCon again this year. I knew it was going to happen, ever since NK Jemisin was announced as of the of the Guests of Honor in the Con. I’m beyond in love with the Inheritance Trilogy, and wasn’t about to miss the chance to be in the same vicinity as one of my favorite authors. A thing I didn’t play on though, was actually signing up and being accepted onto panels this year.

Now out of respect for the other panelists privacy, it’s been asked that we don’t mention the others on the panel with us. However I can tell you what panels I’m going to be on, and the date and time of those:

  • Damsels of Color
    Fri, 4:00–5:15 pm
  • We’ve seen black female leads be strong, silent, and scary when they’re darker than a paper bag. Others are the Pretty Mammy, slim, attractive, and always functioning in service to the needs of a white lead. Some would say that Strong Black Woman is a feminist archetype, while others regard it as damaging to actual black women. What about other women of color? Whether they are Sassy Latinas or Submissive Asians, are they actually being depicted as humans, or are they also in service to a white lead? Where are the damsels of color? Can women of color in fiction be vulnerable, need/want protection, and that depiction be both feminist and healing? Is there room for women of color to want time on the occasional pedestal?


  • Women of Color in Genre Television
    Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm
    Capitol A
  • Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The last year has seen a rise in women of color on the small screen. What are the problems with this fresh representation? Where does it work, and where does it fail? What should the future bring?


I’m very excited about being on both of those panels because if there is anything I’m can wax lyrical for an hour about, it’s Women of Color in media. Especially black women. This, plus the added bonus of WisCon involving what I call The Gathering of the Black Female Nerds is a much needed diversion for life, because although the internet has helped me connect with so many great black women nerds out there, we’re so spread out that it’s nice to be able to get together and be ourselves in one space. It’s a nice little utopia, and I can’t wait to go.

Vlog #6: Life and Stuff

1 May

So it’s been awhile….. yeah I got caught up in life, and by caught up in life I mean had a broken camera and nothing worth talking about. Sorry. I’m gonna get better though! I promise!

Me and Technology

26 Apr

I know I haven’t been here in awhile, and y’all can yell at me about that later, but right now, I’m having some serious technology issues lately, and it’s all related to Windows 8.

So a month ago, I got a new computer for REALLY cheap. I’m my father’s daughter, so when  friend told me about slightly older laptops (about a year old to be exact) going on sale at his work for about $100, I knew I had to pick one up. My old laptop has been on it’s last legs for awhile, seeing that the left click button on the mouse pad doesn’t work, and nobody else but me can even use the thing because all the letters are all worn off. I thought the new (yet old) laptop was going to be a blessing, and for the past month it has been. Until today.

On the opposite end of my cheapness, a week and a half ago I finally had enough money saved up that I could go out and buy myself an Xbox One. After going back and forth about it for a long time (and even writing a post about how I would probably get a used Xbox 360 or a Wii U first) I decided to just pull the trigger on it. I did this partially because I wanted to treat myself and finally buy a console within the first year of it coming out instead of about 2 years later, but also because Titanfall came out, and I was EXTREMELY jealous of all the fun my Xbox One owning friends were having while I was delegated to just watch them stream on twitch.tv.

What do these two things have in common, you ask? Well, you see I got it in my craw that I wanted to post videos of me playing Titanfall on this blog here, and on YouTube. It’s supposed to be a fairly easy process now, considering that Xbox One has a feature where you can record clips of gameplay and upload them (albeit in a roundabout sort of way) to your Microsoft One Drive. This means that recording clips on the Xbox and editing them on my laptop should be a breeze, except…..

Look, I don’t have a surface tablet. All of my tablet and smartphone experience is rooted in Android, so when I bought this Windows 8 laptop I was so enamored with the touch screen and all of the new things going on with it, I didn’t realize that it was going to be a nightmare today. There are queues that I’m used to with Android and that I’m sort of ok with on Apple that just don’t exist on Windows. I thought my experience with my Zune would help me navigate this confusing UI but it barely scratched the surface. After successfully uploading videos to my One Drive account and locating them on my computer, it occurred to me that I didn’t have Window Movie Maker on here, so I set out to download what I thought was WMM from the Windows website, but was instead a whole pack of Windows “apps” instead. The apps included Windows Live Writer (which you can credit for this post), Windows Live Mail, and Windows Live Messenger which is somehow already connected to my Facebook account.

I was confused and someone devastated at the fact that now I have WLM on my computer. I don’t even use WLM and it somehow connected to an account that I also don’t even use for sending messages, and even more redundant is that Windows 8 already had a messenger installed that also connected to Facebook Messenger which I still don’t use. It was a mess, a mess that led me to another page on the Windows 8 start screen that shows me all of the apps that are already installed on my computer THAT I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT! Apparently if you swipe your screen up, it shows all the apps on your laptop, but there’s nothing on the Start screen to indicate that (actually yes there is, if you swipe all the way to the right there’s a down arrow at the bottom to indicate, but that whole right side of my start screen is full of apps I’ll never use). So I went on a hunt on the internet today to find Windows Movie Maker, and it was already on my computer. All of that work, all of that searching, and all of that head scratching and none of it was needed, but hey! at least now I can do my Titanfall videos! So some good came of it. I will say though, that when I decide to pull the trigger on building my very first computer, I’m definitely putting Windows 7 on it.


Vlog #3: Deep Conditioning

2 Feb

There are some new things going on with my hair, which means I have to take care of it more. So I did a deep condition day!
Also I tried out the Pantene Truely Natural Conditioner and Co-Wash for black hair. So far I like it!

Picture of my blue hair: http://instagram.com/p/jSKwvAp5Rf/

Arisia 2014 Black Girl Meet Up

13 Jan

I’m going to Arisia this year!
It took a lot of debate and soul searching but I’m going back this year. If it wasn’t for the fact that some of the other girls from Nerdgasm were going, I wouldn’t be. My experience last year was draining.
As many cool people as I’d met there, I also had a few terrible experiences. Between the slut shaming at the Geek Girls panel, and the various weird stares from random white people, I don’t think I would have survived had it not been for Jamie and Maria being there as support. I don’t know if the atmosphere is gonna change, but I know the least I can do is help make the place safe.
So! I’ve decided to put myself out there for all the Black Nerd Girls and Black Geek Girls who’re gonna be there. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter, you should now, or at least follow #Arisia2014BGMU because I’ll be posting the panels I’ll be at, and possibly a get together so that any other black girls in need of a support group can find one.
So hopefully I’ll see you guys there!


10 Jan


Rumor has it the show is going to be back on March 30th. I’m not sure if it has been confirmed, but whenever the official season premier is, for the month before that I’m going to be watching seasons 1-3 at 11pm PST, #ASongofShadeandFire. You probably should too.


Edit: New return date! Now the rumor is it will return on April 6th! GAH!!!!!!


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