Goodbye, Old Acquaintance.

4 Sep

I just found out today that Twidroyd is dead. I remember last year, when Twidroyd got in to some trouble with Google/Android for violating some application policy or another, and was shut down for a bit, I however didn’t know it was gone for good, but I can’t say I didn’t see that coming.
Twidroyd was actually the first Twitter app I had for Android, and on my old G1 (with no other option except for the mobile site) it was okay, nay! quite adequate at what it was. It supported 1 twitter account, and was fairly easy to use. However in it also held back some features from people who didn’t have the Pro app. I have two twitter accounts and co-manage another one for Nerdgasm Noire Network (I’ll get more into them later), so I quickly got over Twidroyd after their first serious breakdown and moved on to Seesmic and never looked back.
However I will now say a doubly belated goodbye to Twidroyd, because although I do not and cannot use it anymore, I did once, and appreciate it’s use. I hope it does well in it’s UberSocial reincarnation. Best of luck.


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