I’m A Busy Girl

17 Sep

In an effort to do more of what I like in life, and do less of the automatic work-sleep, work-sleep routine, I’ve been doing a lot more of my hobbies. In doing that, I realized that my job is just that, a job, and that if I ever want to actually be comfortable in my life I need to either move up in it, or move into something else I like.

So, for the past week I’ve been diligently working on my resume, working on my own silly projects, and looking for jobs. I thought it would be easier than it actually is, and I certainly didn’t expect this much stress, but I can’t say I dislike it.
The main issue I’m having right now is my resume. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I updated my resume til last week when I actually started looking for other jobs. What makes me even more sad is how little I’ve had to update. I still have the same basic skills, which will help with the jobs that I’ve found and want to apply for, but the new skills I’ve developed are very specific to the job and the are I work in. It’s disconcerting, because I’ve learned a lot in the past few years, but I feel as if that knowledge isn’t of any use.

Not only that but since 2007 I’ve only had two jobs and I’m not sure whether that’s bad or good. On one hand, it means that I’m a very good long term worker when it comes to jobs, which is true. When I’m at a job, my intention is to be there for awhile until either the job closes down, I can move up in it, or it’s just impractical for me to stay. I went from my old job to this job, because the job that I had before had no room to move up in, so I found the step up that I needed in another county. It worked out for the best for me, because now I have this job, and the reason I’m looking for a job past this job is because although this is a good job, it’s not in the best of places. I don’t really have a lot of room to advance yet, but I need a new location, more money or something more satisfying. I would prefer all three and I’m an optimist….. so I probably wont get any.
The two main jobs that I want to apply for I’m conflicted as to how my resume should look when I send it out. Should I include the useless program information to show that I learn fast? Or should I instead put the information they need and if I get an interview mention it to show that I’m a quick learner?

I guess we’ll see.


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