2 Oct

I’m a black nerd. I grew up on video games and hip-hop, as well as all the other trappings of either nerdery or blackness, so whenever I find something that mixes the two nearly seamlessly it spreads a warm coat of squee over my heart.

Via The Essentials of Cool as well as a few other nerdy friends, I found a group called Team Teamwork. Team Teamwork is like a geeky mix of Pogo, E-603 and Girl Talk; they mix Hip-Hop music with video game soundtracks and (pardon my l33t) OMG are they a NERDGASM!

Everyone needs to download and listen to Super Nintendo Sega GenesisVinyl Fantasy 7 and Ocarina of Rhyme. DL them shits, I promise you wont be disappointed.


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