Bad Ass

2 Jan

So The Internet came to me and The Internet said “Lo, NaniCoolJ, and behold violent niche action star perfection!” And I beheld it, and it was glorious.

Danny Trejo once again is in a movie where he’s either killing people, beating people up or both, which is what this man is good at. That alone, will get me to spend $6 at a matinee screening in order to partake in such violence, but a special little gem of a casting addition was added at about 0:39. The biggest and the baddest of the Big Bads, Ron MF Perlman (the MF stands for Mother Fuckin’ if you haven’t guessed already).

I must see this, even if only for the inevitable earth shaking bad ass fight between Trejo and Perlman that HAS TO HAPPEN! There’s no getting away from it. There’s no getting around it. It has to happen.

I’m looking forward to it!


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