Android Voice Commands are totally a ripoff of Siri, right?

3 Jan

I don’t dislike Siri, in fact I think she’s a great addition to the army of useful things that the iPhone has at its disposal. However I do need to Apple fanboys and fangirls to stop acting as if nobody has ever done anything before Apple has done it, especially when it comes to voice commands.

When Siri debuted, every person I know who got an iPhone 4s raved about how awesome it was, and how my little Android phone was missing out on this technological breakthrough. I was a loser… nay…. THE ENTIRETY OF ANDROID USERS were losers because we didn’t have Siri to help guide us through our phone usage.

But we did.

No we didn’t have Siri, but our girlfriend Voice Commands has been good to us. We’ve been together since August of 2010 at LEAST, and anytime I needed her she was there to help me.

So no Siri, I will not leave my girlfriend Voice Commands for you and your legion of adoring fans. Stop calling me at 3am. It makes you look like a creepy stalker.


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