Things I Want: Drinkman Flask to Remind Me of the 90s

10 May

I’m letting you guys know 5 days in advance, so all of you who are getting paid tomorrow know what to get me for my Tuesday.

I’m looking forward searching for my Flux Capacitor and letting my Nike Air Mags tie themselves as I walk down the street with this lovely accessory. Nobody will even notice this inconspicuous Walkman on my hip as I walk around in the year 2012, and will be less concerned as to why I’m not wearing headphones and for some reason keep bringing it up to my lips and knocking my head back as if I’m taking some sort of a refreshing drink as if I were in a 90s Sunny D commercial.

That is why I need this, The Drinkman. It’s not a Walkman, it’s a flask… and it’s clever… I like clever.



(Found via Geeky Gadgets)


One Response to “Things I Want: Drinkman Flask to Remind Me of the 90s”

  1. Andrea August 13, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    This is probably a little odd, I guess, but have you seen this dude’s shop? He makes pretty cool D20/D8 earrings and stuff:

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