Another Year, More Promises

12 Apr

I know, I keep saying every year that I’m going to write more. Every year I start a NaNoWriMo, ever year I think I have this idea that I think will actually finish itself before my brain seizes up and decides it doesn’t want to write anything anymore. Every year I promise myself to focus more on my writing, if not for anyone else but me, so I can get better at a hobby that find any excuse to neglect. This year may be no different than the others, but I’m gonna put forth the effort anyway, because it feels as if not doing anything is a step down from trying and failing. So I press on.

I have plenty of ideas. My imagination runs wild during times when I’m eitehr extremely bored, or procrastinating on something else that I really should be doing but during those wild imaginative times, I’m never around a computer I can type with, or paper I can write with. I constantly have my phone and my Nexus 7, but writing anything long on those takes too much time for me. Also I’m already prone to spelling and grammar mistakes without AutoCorrect being a dick to me, but I shouldn’t let that be an excuse. I can still talk, and there are numerous ways I can record my thoughts on my phone and listen to them later to help me start writing. Between Google Keep, Evernote, Drop Box, Cubby and Drive I have no excuse.

So I’ve started writing something. At least I started writing something 3 months ago and never finished because of all of the usual reasons, but now that I’ve resolved myself to do something, I think the last few monnth’s idle dreaming about what could and should happen in the story should find it’s way to paper. Or internet. Whichever.

So here is my widgets, withmy words so far and my goal. Let’s see how I do.


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