Alright, don’t yell at me, but…..

28 Apr

I haven’t written anything in at least a week. I’m afraid to look at what my daily word count is at now, because the anxiety in me thinks the number is going to be at like 200K words a day (I know that’s a ridiculous number, but the fear is real, so very real) and, although I type fast, I can’t do that. Especially without any plot behind it. Y’know?
BUT! On the bright side, I do have ideas. So many ideas. My active imagination means I am constantly thinking about cool (read: weird) shit and how that cool (read: weird) shit has an effect on normal (read: weird) people.

Also I have ideas for smut, but when don’t I?
My biggest issue though, is that I’m my own worst critic. Before I ever let anyone read anything, before I even finish writing things I’m already looking at and over analyzing what I’ve written. Mostly because I feel like whatever I’m trying to write needs to say something, and forget that I need to build tension, or characters or plots in order for something to be said. How do you portray the severity of something if you haven’t explained the reasoning behind it?
I can sense that I’m starting to rant here, so I’m going to nip that in the bud and just look at my word count and start writing.

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