Arisia 2014 Black Girl Meet Up

13 Jan

I’m going to Arisia this year!
It took a lot of debate and soul searching but I’m going back this year. If it wasn’t for the fact that some of the other girls from Nerdgasm were going, I wouldn’t be. My experience last year was draining.
As many cool people as I’d met there, I also had a few terrible experiences. Between the slut shaming at the Geek Girls panel, and the various weird stares from random white people, I don’t think I would have survived had it not been for Jamie and Maria being there as support. I don’t know if the atmosphere is gonna change, but I know the least I can do is help make the place safe.
So! I’ve decided to put myself out there for all the Black Nerd Girls and Black Geek Girls who’re gonna be there. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter, you should now, or at least follow #Arisia2014BGMU because I’ll be posting the panels I’ll be at, and possibly a get together so that any other black girls in need of a support group can find one.
So hopefully I’ll see you guys there!


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