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It’s #SayHerName For A Reason

17 Aug

Last Friday I woke up to a message from a friend. In the message the friend raved about a new song from Wondaland. Being that I’m a huge fan of Janelle Monae, I immediately opened SoundCloud and was unprepared for what Hell You Talmbout was. From the very first drum beat the song is so beautifully Black. Harkening back to message songs from the 60s and 70s, Janelle and the rest of the Wondaland crew recite the names of so many Black people who have lost their lives because of police brutality and lynching. The song is equal parts a demand for justice as it is an expression of mourning for lives lost. By the end of the song I found myself crying, not from the weight of the subject, but as a release, because with every passing of the chorus I was reminded I am not alone in this feeling of danger in my own home.

But with everything that is beautiful, powerful and moving about the song it wasn’t until a friend of mine on twitter expressed her concerns that I realized that it gets one important detail wrong. Behind each name, the Wondaland crew demands that the listener Say His/Her Name, but loses track of where Say Her Name actually comes from. The hashtag was started to highlight the nearly forgotten Black women who were also killed due to Police and Vigilante violence. These names often don’t get as much attention as their Black male counterparts because of the false belief that Black women are not harassed by the Police like men are.

It isn’t until the third verse in the song that a woman’s name is even mentioned, and oddly enough the female victims are only mentioned by female members of Wondaland. In fact, of the 18 names that are chanted in the song, only 4 of them are women. This runs counter to the point of the  hashtag, and unknowingly does what the tag was trying to prevent. It drowns out the names of Black women and does so using a phrase/hashtag/space that was meant to be specifically for acknowledging Black women’s deaths.

I don’t want to take away from the beauty of the song, nor do I want to call out Janelle or the rest of Wondaland as being careless when they clearly were trying to do good with a song. However I also believe that an offense is an offense no matter the intent. The song is flawed, but I think it’s a flaw that the song’s creators can fix and learn from. Unfortunately there is a long list of both cis and trans women who have been murdered by police and vigilantes in just the past year. The song can be rewritten, the names spoken and Black women can still be honored and the song would still be just as powerful.

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My Holiday Present to You All

25 Dec


Vlog #1: Hair Flawless

24 Dec

New video!!!!

Super Mario Opera

24 Dec



So apparently some genius over on youtube by the name of legolambs made this awesome opera song and video about Super Mario Bros. Just so you know, this is what happiness feels like!

(via The Nerdist)


3 Oct

This post will be fairly short and is being fairly quickly so forgive me for any typos or spelling errors that may occur. I promise I’ll come back and fix them later (or learn how to use a spellcheck, maybe?), however right now I’m super excited and super proud of myself and my associates.

Like I’ve said before I am a part of a project called Nerdgasm Noire Network. It’s a podcast by black nerd girls about nerdom, nerdery and nerdism. The original idea came from my friend Melissa who loves reading comic books, books and watching sci-fi shoes just as much as I do. After a few really funny, really nerdy conversations she admitted to me that she wanted to start a podcast that talked about various parts of nerd culture. I was totally down for it, because I loved the idea and got super passionate about it.

What I didn’t realize was, that I was going to love this project like it was my own child! It started off simple, with just a podcast and a twitter, then grew into a tumblr as we started finding more and more things that we wanted to share, but didn’t have time to share on the podcast. We thought we were just going to stick with the tumblr, but after lots and lots of ideas for serious writing that just didn’t fit into the tumblr format we decided to start an actual blog.

And here it is!

My pride and F-ing joy, and I’m pretty sure the pride and joy of the other girls in the podcast and the other writers who so graciously accepted our invitation for them to write for us. Just looking at the stats from the launch day today made me giggle with excitement. It felt so good to facilitate this with my co-hostesses, it feels like the work I’d rather be doing. I mean, I got so excited looking at the stats that I had to send a message to the writer who got the most views today and congratulate him on having the most views! I was 2 seconds away from sending him a gift basket. That’s not strange right?


So I guess this is where I put the rundown on the entire project, yet?

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