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#30WriteNow: Magic and Malice

3 Oct

You’re not gonna find my #30WriteNow post here today, because it’s not a finished story, but if you wanna read what I did for a writing exercise today you might wanna check out this link right here.


Technical Problems

2 Oct

As much as I love gadgets, sometimes they don’t love me. I’m the kind of person who will wear an MP3 player out so bad it’ll just stop working for no discernible reason (okay maybe spilling Gatorade on it didn’t help).

Unfortunately today was one of those days.

On Tuesdays I only need my computer to do one thing, work while I podcast. So what does my computer decide to do? Of course it doesn’t want to recognize the internal mic on it, EVEN THOUGH IT’S ON IT! SO when I decide to restart the computer, it doesn’t want to open windows at all and when it finally did turn on, ustream decides it doesn’t want to work.

I just want things to work.

In all honesty my problem is I need to buy an external hard drive, which means research. Between work. And school.


Sup Nerds

1 Oct

I haven’t been writing a lot lately here, nor over on Nerdgasm. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that I’ve been busy with going back to school and working full time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get the fun nerd stuff in, let alone write about it.

I’m going to fix that though.

One of my best friends put up on his G+ about s neat thing going on called the #30WriteNow Challenge where you either have to write for a full 30 minutes or for a full page. It’s no pressure.

So I’m going to write, about stuff.

However now I’m embarrassed that this is what I’ve done in 30 minutes.