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Batman: Dark Knight Rises

19 Dec

Holy shit snacks, Batman you just saw the coolest thing ever, and I’m the one who showed it to you. I’m so proud of myself.

So the final installment of the movie trilogy that everyone loves will be out next year, and it looks like it’s going to be intense as fuck. Why? #BlowShitUp that’s why! Also it’s fuckin’ Batman.

From the trailer alone I’m already EXTREMELY happy with the choice for Selina Kyle. A lot of people were really concerned about Nolan’s choice of Anne Hathaway as the infamous Catwoman, but Hathaway is an amazing actress, and the smallest little snippet of a line that she has in this trailer gave me goose bumps. It feels like she’s got a nice mix of the sultry Eartha Kitt Catwoman, and none of the Halle Berry Catwoman. Thank goodness.

Tom Hardy bulked up to play the basically born in prison villain Bane and he’s properly menacing. I still am not a big fan of the racebending, however Hardy has totally dispelled my doubts that he could play off a bad guy who wasn’t extremely dapper (it’s the accent, British dudes make dapper ass villains!)

Michael Caine? Still the classiest mother fucker alive. Hands down.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was only seen in the trailer for about 2 seconds and he wasn’t doing much, but I trust his skill as an actor.

I am super excited about this. If any movie is going to get my money on the opening night, this one will be it.