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Things I Want: Harley Quinn Corset Sweater

27 Jan

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Say you want to impress a girl who likes comic books, we’ll use me as an example, and you aren’t sure what she would want. I have here 3 questions you should ask yourself when looking for a gift:

1. Does she like comic books?

2. Does she like the Batman series of comic books?

3. Does she like a psychotic villainess who was originally named Harlene Quinzel?


If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, and that girl is me, then you should buy me this sweater. The Harley Corset Hoodie by MoroseMelonHead pretty awesome and is actually one of 3 Harley Quinn inspired, and countless (4) Batman inspired hoodies on her Esty page. And unlike a lot of things on Etsy (which you can find conveniently on Regretsy), they’re well made and something that you could wear outside and in public. Or at least to a Con, if you don’t want normal people wondering why you have bobbles on your head.


Things I Want: Wookie Hoodie

2 Jan

I absolutely hate Hot Topic, so this literally hurts my soul to admit this but I want this sweater. I NEED this sweater! Even though I know that it will probably only last for about 1 week even if I take good care of it. However it’s gorgeous, and I need it.

I mean, it’s a Wookie Hoodie! Albeit this may be a form of animal cruelty (I don’t know how PETA would feel about the Wookies that were killed to make these sweaters) it’s still highly fashionable and amazing in a geeky way. I’m willing to betray my No Hot Topic policy for this. I mean, it’s a good trade. Right?

(found via Gizmodo)