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Men In Black 3: Men In Blacker

19 Dec

So, a couple of weeks ago this came out and my insides turned over in the worst possible way:

Another Men In Black movie? That seems odd since MIIB came out in 2002 and the first MIB film came out in 1997, it seems kind of a stretch for the folks who made this movie to think there would still be loyalty income to squeeze out of the pockets of moviegoers.

Then I watched the trailer again and realized I’m one of those loyal moviegoers that will probably go see this movie. I mean come on, sci-fi comedy where there is a 100% possibility of someone blowing shit up?! Of COURSE I’m going to see it. I’m not expecting it to be Oscar worthy, however I do wanna see fun special effects aliens in order to escape my boring regular life, and in all honesty that’s all I can really ask of any movie nowadays.