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Things I Want: Universal Android Dock

13 Nov

If there is anything that any other telephone or mp3 that isn’t the iPhone/iPod is lacking is a speaker dock. With Android it’s definitely a lot harder because Android is only an OS and has many different devices that it can be used on.

The Phillips Fidelio series of speakers (which I found through Gizmodo) has found a simple way of dealing with that by connecting the actual audio with the speakers via bluetooth, and leaving the micro USB purely for keeping the device charged.

As an Android fan I want and need this. The remedial set up I have in my home now is just an old set of speakers (which are plugged into a wall) that is set on top of my nightstand next to my phone charger (which is plugged into a wall) which I have to plug and unplug whenever I come and go. The wiring puts me at a discomfort when changing songs on my phone, and to have to have fewer things plugged into my outlet is also convenient. Plus it comes with a remote. I’m a sucker for a remote.

So the question is, who’s willing to buy me one?