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Video Game Diary: Titanfall #1: War Games and My Will To Live

12 Jul

So I got Titanfall a few months ago, and have been having fun playing no matter how bad I might actually be at it. While playing with friends on the War Games map I managed to get myself in the same sticky situation twice and survive it. So… yay for me!

The Dude somehow forgot about that pit in the middle and fell in (he made it out too though), and my loyal Titan stayed by the edge to wait for me as another Titan was attacking it. I don’t know why I thought getting in was a good idea.

New Consoles and No Games

30 Nov

So the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles are out and I have neither. Not just because of lack of funds (I have bills to pay you guys), but also because I’m not exactly sure which one I want first. Earlier this year, I was talking all sorts of shit about getting a PlayStation and just keeping my super old Xbox 360, but now I’m plotting.

I may buy one of the later generation 360 consoles. Now that everyone is scrambling for the new consoles, I think I’ll be able to pick up one of the fancier 360s for pretty cheap, that way I can still play all my old 360 games. As much as some folks like trading in their older stuff towards new consoles and game, I like to hold on to mine. I still have my old Nintendo and Sega Genesis consoles hanging out in my room for when I get the urge to play Mario Bros or Road Rash, so a 360 that I can horde for playing RE 5 and 6 (stop judging me!) As well as Mirror’s Edge, the Portal games, BioShock and the other time consuming games I love.

As much as I like having the new hot console, I think waiting until the price comes down a bit and all the little kinks are fixed is a good idea. We’ll see what I end up doing with my tax return in the upcoming year…