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Left 4 Dead Fan Vid: What The Hell Just Happened?

24 Dec

(Found via i09)


What the hell just happened?

One thing I love about the internet is that there is an infinite amount of content. Because of things like youtube, and because thanks to technology almost anyone with an idea and a computer can make a decent 6 minute movie, you don’t have to wait for television or film to come out with something you’d want to see, all you have to do is find it yourself. Which means things like Fan Vids like this pop up.

I like Left 4 Dead as a video game, so the beginning of this video drew me in, however right about the time the Gears make their cameo appearance (wait no, Scorpion is kinda weird too) I go from being intrigued by the interesting mashup to overstimulated by characters from games I play that shouldn’t know one another. It didn’t tell me it was going to be Valve vs Capcom vs Bungie, so when that happened it pulled the rug right out from under me.

However disorientation aside, it was a good Fan Vid. And the way the guy with the shotgun handled his weapon made him my favorite character in the whole thing.



2 Oct

I’m a black nerd. I grew up on video games and hip-hop, as well as all the other trappings of either nerdery or blackness, so whenever I find something that mixes the two nearly seamlessly it spreads a warm coat of squee over my heart.

Via The Essentials of Cool as well as a few other nerdy friends, I found a group called Team Teamwork. Team Teamwork is like a geeky mix of Pogo, E-603 and Girl Talk; they mix Hip-Hop music with video game soundtracks and (pardon my l33t) OMG are they a NERDGASM!

Everyone needs to download and listen to Super Nintendo Sega GenesisVinyl Fantasy 7 and Ocarina of Rhyme. DL them shits, I promise you wont be disappointed.