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#BlowShitUp GI Joe: Retaliation

19 Dec

First of all, let’s talk about everything that is right with this trailer.

1. The Rock is in it. If you want a movie to look BAMFy, you need to make sure you have a greased up Dwayne Johnson holding a big ass gun (or a baseball bat, or any weapon really).

2. Although Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t anywhere in the trailer, they managed to replace Marlon Wayans with explosions. I’m a girl who loves to watch action movies where they blow shit up, and this looks like it will satisfy that need for me.

3. Wenworth Tatum is still in the movie, but he’s not all over the trailer. He’s familiar enough so that fans of the first movie (all one of me) understand that this is a sequel, but there’s still enough change in the movie that it may actually be good (don’t worry I’m not holding my breath on that one).

4. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is already an interesting and distorted sounding song, however in the trailer they distort the song even more to highlight the lovely explosions that are happening around the previous mentioned greased up Dwayne Johnson. Even if I had no desire to watch the movie, I’d watch the trailer again for the music (and The Rock) alone.

5. As much of an older gentleman as Bruce Willis is becoming, anytime you can get the man in a wife beater with a gun to say sarcastic-curmudgeonly-yet-witty lines will always be good times.


I don’t even need to mention the added bonus of ninjas sword fighting from ropes on the side of a mountain.


Men In Black 3: Men In Blacker

19 Dec

So, a couple of weeks ago this came out and my insides turned over in the worst possible way:

Another Men In Black movie? That seems odd since MIIB came out in 2002 and the first MIB film came out in 1997, it seems kind of a stretch for the folks who made this movie to think there would still be loyalty income to squeeze out of the pockets of moviegoers.

Then I watched the trailer again and realized I’m one of those loyal moviegoers that will probably go see this movie. I mean come on, sci-fi comedy where there is a 100% possibility of someone blowing shit up?! Of COURSE I’m going to see it. I’m not expecting it to be Oscar worthy, however I do wanna see fun special effects aliens in order to escape my boring regular life, and in all honesty that’s all I can really ask of any movie nowadays.