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Things I Want: Drinkman Flask to Remind Me of the 90s

10 May

I’m letting you guys know 5 days in advance, so all of you who are getting paid tomorrow know what to get me for my Tuesday.

I’m looking forward searching for my Flux Capacitor and letting my Nike Air Mags tie themselves as I walk down the street with this lovely accessory. Nobody will even notice this inconspicuous Walkman on my hip as I walk around in the year 2012, and will be less concerned as to why I’m not wearing headphones and for some reason keep bringing it up to my lips and knocking my head back as if I’m taking some sort of a refreshing drink as if I were in a 90s Sunny D commercial.

That is why I need this, The Drinkman. It’s not a Walkman, it’s a flask… and it’s clever… I like clever.



(Found via Geeky Gadgets)


Things I Want: 12 Gauge Shot Glass

5 Jan

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If ever I were to open up a bar with a Western theme, I’d have to make sure to include these amazing 12 Gauge shot glasses and only serve drinks with some sort of gun theme attached to them.

Just Mustard, please just give me everything on your site. Please!


1 Jan

From me and this booze!

Things I Want: RX Flask and Shaker

22 Dec

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On two separate sites I saw the this design on two separate items. Obviously it’s a sign from the internet deities to spend my money, and in all honesty I think it would be worth it. The shaker is a perfect gag item for hanging out and making cocktails with friends, and the flask is just a fun novelty item that I could keep in my own bar.

I’m almost certain I’m going to buy these.

Things I Want: Tale Moon Phase Cup

22 Dec

Y’all know I’m a fan of things that are classy, and I’m specially a fan of things that are vaguely (very) geeky. So when I saw these of course I flipped out. These are the Tale Moon Phase Cups, and yes it looks like the phases of the moon. Someone get me this! It’s gorgeous! I want to add this to the list of things I need in my bar, however I might want to actually just keep this for my personal collection.

Things I Want: Inside Out Martini Glass

22 Dec

I don’t drink martini’s often, however I think I may start after finding out about these pretty things:

This is an Inside Out Martini Glass by Charles and Marie and it’s lovely!

Not only that but it’s not the only one of it’s kind, there are a few other Inside Out Glasses, including shot and liqueur glasses (which can be used for my beloved pousse-cafés).

If ever I get a bar started in my own place, I’ll definitely have to add these glasses to the glassware set.

(Found via Gawker)


3 Oct

This post will be fairly short and is being fairly quickly so forgive me for any typos or spelling errors that may occur. I promise I’ll come back and fix them later (or learn how to use a spellcheck, maybe?), however right now I’m super excited and super proud of myself and my associates.

Like I’ve said before I am a part of a project called Nerdgasm Noire Network. It’s a podcast by black nerd girls about nerdom, nerdery and nerdism. The original idea came from my friend Melissa who loves reading comic books, books and watching sci-fi shoes just as much as I do. After a few really funny, really nerdy conversations she admitted to me that she wanted to start a podcast that talked about various parts of nerd culture. I was totally down for it, because I loved the idea and got super passionate about it.

What I didn’t realize was, that I was going to love this project like it was my own child! It started off simple, with just a podcast and a twitter, then grew into a tumblr as we started finding more and more things that we wanted to share, but didn’t have time to share on the podcast. We thought we were just going to stick with the tumblr, but after lots and lots of ideas for serious writing that just didn’t fit into the tumblr format we decided to start an actual blog.

And here it is!

My pride and F-ing joy, and I’m pretty sure the pride and joy of the other girls in the podcast and the other writers who so graciously accepted our invitation for them to write for us. Just looking at the stats from the launch day today made me giggle with excitement. It felt so good to facilitate this with my co-hostesses, it feels like the work I’d rather be doing. I mean, I got so excited looking at the stats that I had to send a message to the writer who got the most views today and congratulate him on having the most views! I was 2 seconds away from sending him a gift basket. That’s not strange right?


So I guess this is where I put the rundown on the entire project, yet?

Podcast Feed: For those who aren’t fond of iTunes.

iTunes link: For those who are fond of iTunes.

WordPress feed: For adding to your RSS reader.

Tumblr feed: Also for adding to your RSS.

Twitter: To follow us, and read our tweets, and whatnots.


Please check us out!


Très Délicieux.

8 Sep

One of the things that makes me a good nerd is that I have a nerd obsession. Once I find something I like I study it, and research it, and have to learn as much as I can about it because I want to be able to have a decent conversation about it for one, and for two it’s strangely satisfying to learn things.

I’ve always been interested in alcohol. Before I turned 21 I studied up on different drinks and recipes that I was considering trying before I could legally drink, and I’ve often considered taking up bartending as a hobby. I haven’t hit that level of obsession with it that I have with most things I nerd about, but I think that love of alcohol is starting to surface again, and I’ve already found the first drink to obsess over.

I love Pousse-Cafés.

A Pousse-Café is an interesting drink. It’s pretty much an alcoholic version of the American Parfait, meaning it has layers made up of different alcohols. The way the layers are made is based on the density of the liquor you’re using, putting the most dense liquor on the bottom of the glass, and layering the other liquors in descending order of density, which makes for a beautiful looking drink. Drinks must be made carefully or the liquors will mix and the drink will look (and in some cases taste) much less appealing. The drink is also supposed to be drank one layer at a time, I’m guessing from top to bottom, however I would think it would be fun to drink from the bottom first.

I haven’t made one yet, however I think I might be able to create my own recipe thanks to this nifty alcohol density chart I found online. I’m tempted to make one that has a coffee themed flavor and name it something that sounds like a Starbucks drink, but I’m almost positive it’s because of the name Pousse-Café. I’m super excited for this, and will have to buy the ingredients and a really nice Pousee-Café Glass to display it in.

This is going to be loads of fun!